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Work Sample

fi dog collar

Fun project showcasing that voiceover isn't always needed.

Work Sample


The California school boards association (CSBA) needed a demo and customer onboarding videos.

Work Sample


Relanote useres were not adopting the generate content AI tool. The problem, users didn't know how to use it, or how it would benefit them. the objective was to develope a video that did both to increase user adoption.

Work Sample


Relanote note taking app was set to rlease a new ai tool feature, AI Chat with file.for the feature release, relanote wanted a video that explained how the feature would make their job easier, and how to use the feature in relanote.

Work Sample

Agenda Online

CSBA needed a user manual for their board meeting management software, Agenda Online.


- SaaS
- Startups
- Non-profit
- Corporate
- Government


- Master of Science, Instructional science and technology
- Certificate, eLearning Design and development


Aldo Chavez LLC is a leading provider of instructional design, technical writing, and eLearning consulting services.As an experienced professional and a commitment to excellence, Aldo assists organizations in creating effective learning experiences that drive results and enhance employee performance.Aldo's comprehensive range of services encompasses instructional design, content development, technical writing, and eLearning solutions, enabling businesses to achieve their training, performance, and development goals.

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